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Who We Are

We are a family owned business that specializes in the manufacturing of High Precision CNC Plasma Cutter tables as well as heavy duty CNC Router tables.  We have been in business manufacturing CNC Plasma and CNC Router tables since 2007.  We are located out in area of Ada, OK about 10 miles north of town on Highway 99.

In the beginning before we started manufacturing CNC tables, we were in the market for a new CNC Router table but wanted to have the option to be able to Plasma cut with the tables as well.  I could not find anyone back then that was manufacturing a table that I was desiring.  There were so many excuses I heard back then why this could not be done, but I didn’t accept any of the reasons as being valid reasons by the two could not be in one table.

Seven years ago this concept was unheard of, if you wanted a CNC Plasma table and a CNC Router table you had to buy two different tables.  I was told that well it took all day to switch over from Plasma to Router.  I was told that if you routed a bunch of wood that there would be sawdust on the floor that would catch fire when you started plasma cutting.  I thought to myself, have they ever heard of a broom, or vacuum?



The Vision

So that put me on a mission, to develop a new machine that would not only plasma cut steel, aluminum or stainless steel, but to also be able to covert to a CNC Router.  I already had many years dealing and working with heavy duty router tables, as I had been in the electrical sign business for many years, building large Neon signage and specializing in dimensional signage for the Casino Industry on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  You can see some of our regular vacuum formed signs we built with the add of CNC technology back in the 90’s.  You can also see some of our Casino Signage as well to see how CNC automation made easy work or creating nice dimensional signage for higher end customers.

Through all those years using CNC automation, I knew what it took to have a reliable heavy duty router that would not flex or vibrate during those heavy routing jobs.  Plasma cutting is one thing, because you are just moving a torch around in the air, and there are no frictional loads to worry about there, but try pushing a 1/4″ router bit through some tough hard wood, that is a whole different world.  Back in 2007 when we started all manufacturers of CNC Plasma Cutting tables were to light in design in their gantries to be able to adequately handle the heavy loads of strapping on a router.

Thus, this is where our name was born from, PlasmaRoute CNC.  We were truly the first in this industry to deliver a truly robust machine that is capable of doing the heaviest of router jobs, while still being agile enough for those intricate plasma jobs.  We have found over the years that a lot of our competitors would copy some of our design concepts, too many to worry about trying to describe in this area, but we felt good that we were able to bring a new product line into the industry that would make it more affordable and cost effective for the end user….and that is YOU!


Industries served


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People with a Vision

Location in center of the US

New Inventive Ideas


Reasons for us to work together


Clients become friends

Some our of best customer become our friends for life.  In fact the couple that bought our very first CNC Plasma table seven years ago, is still one of our best customer to give out for people who want references.

We're 100% Independent

We are a family owned company, that does not have a large sales staff that only cares about selling you a machine.  There are no high pressure sales techniques used here.  If our machine fits your needs then we are happy to make sure you get the best fit.

We Keep the Overhead Down

Since we do not staff a large sales team and handle it all in house, this allows us to keep our overhead down and then pass this savings on to you our valued customer

We ActuallyCare

We do care, we will not try to over sell you and set you up with more than you need.  We want you to be happy with your purchase as that makes you life easier as well as it does ours.  Even though you might not be able to make all the people happy all the time, most of our customers are really happy with the performance of their machines.


We Innovate

We are constantly looking for new and exciting products that we can offer to our customers to give them greater flexibly in the products that they can offer their cliental.  From providing the latest Art packages, to providing some of the most state of the art CAD/CAM software packages, like ArtCam Pro, the world’s leading 3D artistic software solution.


We Communicate

We look constantly for new and better ways to communicate with our existing customers to our prospective new customers.  We use the latest online conferencing software that allows us to do remote training and tech support if needed.




We are PlasmaRoute CNC