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Blaze HD

Blaze HD

The “HD” stands for “Heavy Duty.”  The Blaze HD is much more heavy duty than similarly priced tables from some other manufacturers.  In fact, it is a lot more heavy duty than some more expensive 4×4 cutting area tables out there.  Our Blaze HD packages start at an AMAZING price of just $6395.00 for just the table and motion controller.  Or, get a complete “turnkey” package, with the Auto Torch Height Control, computer, CAD software, water table, and Cutmaster A40 plasma cutter for less than $12,000.

The Blaze HD is built with the same Heavy Duty components that we designed into our larger tables.  You won’t have to sacrifice quality and durability just because you are needing a smaller table.  This 4×4 CNC plasma table has many options that can be added, like a pneumatic scribe, magnetic torch breakaway, and more.

Plasma Table with more

The Blaze HD comes standard with a fully functional, Standard Duty Z-drive.  By “fully functional,” we mean that the Z axis is controlled automatically by the motion controller–you don’t have to go turn a knob to raise and lower the Z axis to a set height.  This means that you are not limited to only plasma cutting with the Blaze HD.  Add a router, and the Blaze HD becomes a CNC router table, capable of carving 3-D relief into wood, plastics, and hard foam.  Using ArtCam Express software, you are able to do anything from basic routing to more advanced V-bit carvings, inlays, and even full blown 3-D relief carving.  

Our Standard Duty Z-Drive accommodates a small router, like the DeWalt Laminate Trimmer, which will allow you to route into softer woods and some plastics.  For more routing flexibility, upgrade to our Heavy Duty Z-Drive and a Milwaukee 3.5hp route to handle hardwoods and to also cut out aluminum parts more accurately and with a nicer edge-finish than plasma cutting.

If you want a Scribe you will need to upgrade to the Heavy Duty Z-Drive, so that your scribe and torch are mounted side by side, allowing you to both mark and plasma cut your parts in the same G-code.  

As for plasma cutters, we recommend and sell Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster A-Series plasma cutters and consumables.  The plasma cutter model you need will depend on the thickness of metal you’re wanting to cut.  Click here to view a PDF brochure of the different Cutmaster plasma cutter models and their capabilities.

Plasma Art Package

Plasma Table Art

Take your new Blaze and combine it with one our our great Plasma Art packages and you will ready to start producing professional quality steel art to sell at your local craft shows and exhibits.  Great for the beginner that still hasn’t  mastered the art of creating great art from scratch on a computer.  Just take one of these art files and add your customer’s name, or customize it any way you like, and you are ready to create some of the best plasma art on the market.

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