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CNC Plasma Cutters

Blaze HD

If you need a great plasma table with a small footprint then the Blaze HD is the machine for you. Even though it is one of our smaller machines it still has many of the great features of our larger Plasma Cutters. Built with fully welded steel tubing construction, this table won’t vibrate apart like some bolt-together aluminum extrusion built machines. To see more features of this great little machine Click Here. The Blaze can outfitted with a water table, scribe, and even made into a combo Plasma/Router table.

XR Series

The next step up is our XR series table. The XR is a real workhorse. This series comes in a few different sizes, from 4’x8′ all the way up to 6’x10 for those really big jobs.

This model is almost maintenance free, as it uses sealed bearing V-Groove wheels for its guide system. Although not as high-precision as ZR series, the XR really is the best choice for plasma as you don’t have the same maintenance with the V-Groove system as you do the linear guide system. All of our plasma tables will work with either Hypertherm or the Thermal Dynamics line of torches. We think the Thermal Dynamics are the best plasma torches on the market and even cost less.

ZR Series

The ZR series is our highest precision table. Because of the use of the hardened square profile linear guides that are used on these tables, you can rest assured you have the same precision as what the $100,000 tables use. The linear guides do take a bit more maintenance than the XR series as you have to polish and oil the rails every so often. But when you have those really precise routing jobs you want to do, where the best edge finish is a must, the ZR series is the table of choice.

As for plasma cutters, you have your choice, depending on the thickness of metal you want to cut. We proudly carry the Victor Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster line of plasma cutters and consumables.

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