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“Transform” Your Shop

Get More From Your CNC Plasma Table

Changing your CNC Plasma Table from plasma to routing is pretty easy on one of our tables.  Ok, maybe it’s not quite as easy as “Mr. PlasmaTron” here demonstrates.  But you can make the change in as little as 5 to 10 minutes. Our Blaze HD, XR Series, and ZR Series tables are all fully capable of routing. Create parts and artwork out of wood, plastics, hard foams, aluminum and brass. Profile cuts (silhouettes), pocket cuts, v-carving, and 3D-relief carving are all possible.

Of course the table doesn’t transform itself.  But it’s fairly simple for you to do.

Here’s the basic process:

Mr. PlasmaTron

  1. Unbolt the plasma floating head (2 bolts)
  2. Bolt on the adjustable router mount
  3. Mount your MDF sacrificial table top (included with Combo table)
  4. Plug the router power cord in.
  5. For more detailed or complex projects, such as pocket cuts and 3D relief carving you will want to plane off your MDF table top surface first to make sure it is perfectly level for best results.

Switching back to plasma is easy too. Just reverse the process, and you’ll have a CNC plasma table again in no time.

When it comes to choosing a great CNC Plasma Table, you can’t beat the “transforming” PlasmaRoute CNC table.