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CNC Router Accessories

CNC Router Accessories

Accessories - Customize your CNC Router with the Tools You Need!

ArtCAM Pro Software:  Let us help you outfit your CNC Router table with the proper CNC router accessories we can provide you. If you want premium drawing and machining options for your router projects, and the ability to create your own original 3-D relief models, ArtCAM Pro is a great choice.  Learn more about ArtCAM Pro.

High Frequency Spindle:  Spindles are a great choice for high-production needs, like cabinet shops and some sign shops.  A spindle is a “premium” router.  Spindles are usually quieter than most router motors, and offer somewhat higher accuracy.Our shaft-fan cooled spindles are available in 3hp or 5hp, in single or three-phase.  Spindles are available only on our ZR series dedicated router tables.

Better Vacuum Cups: These vacuum cups are perfect for smaller projects, where a whole-table vacuum hold-down would be overkill.  The vacuum cups also hold the piece up off the “sacrificial board,” allowing you to use specialty bits on the outside edges of the piece.  Learn more about Better Vacuum Cups.

Vacuum Hold-Down Systems:  Our vacuum hold down systems are available on dedicated router tables only.  We offer sizes from 5hp on up to 30hp.  It’s hard to go wrong with more vacuum, but very easy to not get ENOUGH, so if you are unsure, please let us help you choose.  The 5hp vacuum can be set up as single phase, but you with such a small unit, you might not get the hold-down power you need on areas larger than 4ft x 4ft.Vacuum Hold-Down Systems are plumbed to your table with 2 to 4 zones, depending on table size. The table surface is painted MDF.  Plastic surfaces are available at an extra charge.  Plastic is good choice if you are going to be regularly routing non-ferrous metals, like aluminum, because the plastic is not as easily damaged by the misting fluids required when routing metals.  Let us help you outfit your CNC Router table to customize it to be able to be efficient in what ever type of job requirement your task need.