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CNC Tube Cutters

The Sabertooth - CNC Tube Cutter

Sabertooth CNC Tube Cutter

If you’re looking for a stand-alone CNC tube cutter for round pipe, the Sabertooth is your machine.

The Sabertooth will plasma cut round pipe from 2.5″ diameter, on up to your choice of 3 diameters–6″, 8″, or 10″.  You also have 2 choices on capacity length-wise:  8ft or 10ft.

If your pipe is perfectly round, you likely will not need our Automatic Torch Height Control… but if your pipe is not uniformly round, you will need the ATHC.

We also offer a full line of CNC Tube Cutter attachments that can be outfitted to fit any of our CNC Plasma Table models from 4’x4′ to the large 6’x10′ table size.  To use this option your table has to be manufactured with an extended gantry that hangs off the right hand side of the table about 18″ extra.  This CNC Tube cutter attachment can be added on at a later time…BUT…if you think you might want one at a later date, your table needs to be ordered with the extended gantry at the very beginning.  The extended gantry CANNOT be added at a later time.

Our standard CAD/CAM software that we supply with all our tables can be used to make any kind of custom shapes in the pipe including text and signs.  For easy speciality cuts like fish mouths and pipe saddles we offer a CAD package designed just for that purpose.  It’s as easy as just plugging in a few numbers like pipe OD and sizes and the angle of the saddle and it generates a DXF file containing  the correct pattern for the branch and the trunk of the pipe.

If you are new to the world of CNC Plasma Cutters, you can check out this article from Wikipedia to learn more.

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CNC Tube Cutter in 12in pipe