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Entry level Heavy Duty Blaze CNC Plasma Table

Entry level Heavy Duty Blaze CNC Plasma Table

If you are reading this post, then you’ve already figured out that having a CNC plasma cutting table is a great way to start your own home-based business without a lot of up-front investment.  But, there are so many brands, sizes, and configurations to choose from that it can seem like information overload.  Hopefully this post will help you cut through some of the “blah-blah-blah” you’re encountering as you shop around. And, of course, we’ll have to shamelessly plug our own entry level heavy duty Blaze CNC plasma table.

When you’re shopping for a CNC plasma table, our number one suggestion is this:  Don’t get bedazzled by the very cheapest price out there.  Yes, the price is important, but also consider the warranty and available add-on options.  Also, look at how the table is designed and constructed. How might the table design and construction limit both the durability and versatility of the machine?  What type of tech support is available after the sale, and is there a fee?  Are the parts and software proprietary?  There aren’t necessarily right or wrong answers to these questions.  The point is that you buy from a company that has the right answers for YOU.

Why consider our Blaze HD for your choice to get started:

  • Size Matters—Do you need a machine that doesn’t take up your whole garage? Our entry level heavy duty Blaze CNC plasma table has a small footprint of about 5’ x 6’, with a 4’ x 6’ cutting area. But the small footprint doesn’t mean limited features. The Blaze HD has many of the same features of its big brothers.
  • Hobby Level or Industrial—The “HD” in “Blaze HD” stands for “heavy duty,” because it is heavy duty for an entry level CNC machine.  It boasts the same gantry, motors and electronics as our larger 4×8 and 5×10 XR-series tables.
  • Many options— The Blaze HD, as well as our other tables, can be outfitted with many options like a scribe plate marker, and oxy-fuel torch for those thick plates that plasma torches cannot handle. You can also convert the Blaze plasma table over to a CNC Router Table in just minutes.
  • Starting on a budget— When it comes to price point, you will find our entry level Blaze table can’t be beat. Our Blaze HD starts as low as just $6395 for the table with basic electronics to get you started. For just under $12,000, we can set you up with a turnkey system, which includes the table, Automatic Torch Height Control, CAD/CAM software, PC, water table for dust control, and a Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster A40 (60 Amp max.). I don’t think you will find a better deal anywhere!

To learn more about our entry level heavy duty Blaze CNC plasma table or any of our other table models, give us a call at 877-752-7620.

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