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CNC Plasma Accessories

Accessories - Customize your CNC Plasma Table With the Tools You Need!

  • Pneumatic Scribe:  This is a handy tool for marking part numbers, bend-lines, even a basic logo.  The scribe mounts onto the Z-Drive right next to your plasma torch, allowing you the convenience of marking and plasma cutting your metal in the same G-code file.
  • Tube cutter “attachment”:  OK, the tube cutter doesn’t really ATTACH to your table, but sits next to it, beneath your extended gantry.  The tube cutter attachment handles pipe up to 6″ in diameter, with a workable cutting length equivalent to the cutting length of your table–4ft on a Blaze HD, 8ft on a 4×8 table, etc.
  • Oxy-Fuel Machine Torch:  If you need to regularly cut 1″ or thicker steel, Oxy-Fuel is the way to go.  Our Oxy-Fuel Machine torch setup will give you cleaner, straighter cuts on 1″ and thicker metals than a regular plasma cutter.Remember, with a regular plasma cutter, you’ll need to do an edge start for 1″ material, and you will be pushing your plasma cutter at full capacity.  This isn’t something you want to do on a production level. With Oxy-fuel, you can cut your thick metals without over-taxing your plasma cutter, plus you get less bevel on the thick material.
  • Router:  Even if you’re not into woodworking, a CNC router can come come in handy.  If you’re working with aluminum or other non-ferrous metals like brass or copper, consider a router for doing what your plasma cutter cannot–pocket cuts.  The router will also cut out your non-ferrous metal pieces more precisely than plasma, giving you NO bevel, and amazing control over your bolt holes.