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Plate Marker

Pneumatic Air Scribe/Plate Marker


Our new and improved air powered Plate Marking attachment (aka Air Scribe, or Etcher), for those who need to mark their metal before they plasma cut their pieces out.

With our old model, you had to mark your steel, un-mount the scribe attachment, and then mount the plasma torch to cut out your marked pieces.  Not so with our new model!  Mounted right next to your plasma torch, this attachment allows you to mark your plate, and then come right back and cut out your piece, all in the same G-Code file.  You can even swap back and forth from scribe to plasma and plasma back to scribe, all in the same file.  How’s that for versatility?

Not sure you need a plate marker?  Here’s just some of what you can accomplish with this tool:

•Permanently imprint serial numbers, part numbers, assembly instructions on your pieces.

•Scribe bending lines onto sheetmetal, and notate the degree of the bend.  Think of the time saved by not having to lay out lines by hand!

•Etch names and custom designs into the surface of your steel plate.

Compare our plate marker attachment to any out on the market today, and you’ll see what a great value this really is!

Order yours with your new PlasmaRoute CNC table, or retrofit your existing PlasmaRoute CNC table.

*Optional Air Hose Extension Kit is available for retrofits for $25

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