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Servo Upgrade

Steppers & Servos

Learn whether you need to upgrade to Servos

Here you can decide whether or not you need to upgrade to Servo motors from the standard stepper motors we use on our own machines. Servos have a higher torque curve, which means they do not loose the torque at the higher speeds. So if you are wanting to route through the thickest and hardest materials as fast as you possibly can, and are building something like cabinets, then servos might be a better choice..

Different Motor Systems for Different Needs!

When you customize your PlasmaRoute CNC Plasma or Router Table,you’ll have your choice of motor systems:

Stepper System:  high-torque precision micro-stepping motors (included in the base price)—versatile, cost effective, and excel at most routing and plasma tasks.  Stepper technology has made leaps and bounds during the last few years, offering precision and performance at near-servo levels.  Doing 3-D work is no longer a concern with stepper motors as the torque and speeds have increase exponentially over the last few years. We use stepper motors for most of what we do here at PlasmaRoute CNC.


Servo System:  ultra high-speed “closed loop” servo motors—these motors really shine for 3-D carving, large jobs, and large machines.  Our servos keep track of where they’re at and where they’re supposed to be, using “closed loop” encoders.  This can make a difference on those really BIG projects, where one lost step could cost you hours of work AND the whole piece of material.  Servos speed up your work with more rapid transits, faster response times, and quicker braking and acceleration around sharp angles. Our Complete Servo Motor System is an option on any PlasmaRoute CNC Router or Plasma Table.

Consider your needs and choose either the Stepper or Servo Motor System option when you customize your XR Series or ZR Series PlasmaRoute Table.

465oz/in Nema 34 Style Stepper


Our Stepper Motors stand out with their superior power to weight ratio due to the square frame design combined with the best materials and most up-to-date processes in stepper technology.

All motors are 4-lead parallel configured, 2-phase, 1.8 degree step angle.

  • Holding torque-Nm (oz/in) +/- 10% 465oz
  • Rated voltage -2.0
  • Rated current per phase (amps DC) -6.0
  • Resistance (Ohms) +/- 10% – .33
  • Induction (mH) +/- 20% typical – 2.7
  • Motor length (mm)- 78
  • Rotor inertia (g-cm^2)- (1400)
  • Weight (kg) -2.3

Servo Encoder w/dust cover


  • skewed rotor design
  • continuous torque: 270 oz/in
  • peak torque: 850 oz/in
  • terminal voltage: 72 VDC
  • continuous current: 8.5A
  • peak current: 38A
  • inertia:^
  • maximum operating speed: 4200 rpm
  • torque constant (KT): .1757 N. m/am
  • voltage constant (KE): 15.71 volts/100rpm
  • resistance: 85 ohm
  • inductance: 2.35 mH
  • weight: 8.8 lbs
  • 7 inches

Servo Encoder w/no dust cover


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