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Vacuum Cups

Plasma Route CNC, L.L.C. is proud to offer vacuum cup packages.


We carry three sizes for height  including 29mm, 48mm and 74mm.

Standard cups are 132mm x 145mm and come as small as

50mm x132mm with a possibility of holding material as small as 38mm.

Why they are BETTER:

~ All vacuum cups are made of a solid rubber material, therefore eliminating

the need for the foam gasket material.

~ Due to the rubber material, tools are not damaged when the cups are acciden-

tally routed into.

~ Vacuum cups are extremely durable and can be dropped with no damage to

the cup, table or material.

~ All vacuum cups come equipped with a check valve, allowing you to leave the

cups on the grid table without any vacuum leakage. Grid table allows extra holding

power to the cup itself.

~Vacuum cups can be mounted on a slick substrate like white melamine or even

a slick sheet of aluminum, bottom part of cup grips with vacuum while top part of

cup has check valve.

~Affordable vacuum pumps can be bought without the expense of a full vacuum

table setup.

Flat Table Cup Package A:

P/N Size of Cup Quantity Price Each Amount
FL 1048 132x145x48mm 4 $149.00 $596.00
FL 1048H 132x75x48mm 2 $149.00 $298.00
FL 1048Q 132x50x48mm 2 $149.00 $298.00
Kit Total $1192.00

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