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Vacuum Hold Down

Vacuum Hold-Down

Options on Vacuum Tables

PlasmaRoute Vacuum Hold Down Systems can free up your time so you can get more done!

If you’re in the sign business—or any other industry—and are constantly routing aluminum sheet stock and plex, then you know how much time you spend making sure the job’s done right.


Here’s the routine: You set up and clamp your pieces to the table, and then sit over the work as it is being cut, holding down the pieces with a stick as the router finishes cutting each piece, just to make sure the piece doesn’t move and ruin the job or you can try putting in tabs.

Well, it’s time for a NEW routine! Our powerful vacuum system will hold your stock AND pieces securely to the table, without the need for clamps, tabs, or even double-back sticky tape! Now you can quit baby sitting your router, and move on to other projects while your router does what it is built to do—save you time and money!


Vacuum Hold-Down

We recommend starting with as much vacuum as you can afford. On a 4′x8′ CNC Router Table we think the minimum is 10hp. The amount of vacuum you need depends on the job you are trying to do. It takes a lot less vacuum to hold down a piece of 3/16″ acrylic cutting out letters, than it does to hold down a 3/4″ piece of wood. If you are going to be cutting out cabinets and are needing to route and not mess around then 20 hp vacuum pump would be a better solution.


Dust Collection

When it comes to Dust Collection there are a few options one might choose. One solution is to outfit your

CNC Router with a dust collector made with brushes.

The next option is to buy one of our great solutions to dust collection, we call it our “Vortex Pressure Foot”.

COMPLETE Vacuum Hold-Down Systems
5HP/1Phase MDF-Vacuum Table System Complete w/Filter-$4250
8.5HP/3Phase Vacuum Table System Complete w/Filter-Contact for Pricing
11.5HP/3Phase Vacuum Table System Complete w/Filter-Contact for Pricing
20 HP/3Phase HDPE Vacuum Table System Complete w/Filter-Contact for Pricing

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