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When is Plasma Cutting the Best Process for Cutting Mild Steel Plate?

When is Plasma Cutting the Best Process for Cutting Mild Steel Plate?

When it comes to cutting mild steel plate, there are a number of different methods you have available at your disposal, such as oxy-fuel cutting, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, and of course, plasma cutting. Each of these methods has its own advantages and limitations. Some are affordable while others are expensive. Some offer exceptional accuracy, others don’t. And some are best suited for thin mild steel plate, while others are better for thicker mild steel.

So, when is plasma cutting the best available method for cutting mild steel plate?

CNC plasma cutting is faster than oxy-fuel cutting, and it’s typically more affordable than waterjet cutting and much less expensive than laser cutting. However, it’s worth pointing out that the edge quality when cutting mild steel with a CNC plasma cutter might not be on par with some of these other methods in certain cases.

With plasma cutting, there’s a sweet spot for cutting mild steel to the highest quality. If the plate is too thin or too thick, edge squareness might suffer a little bit. Many experts say this sweet spot ranges from about ¼” to 1.5”. Cutting mild steel that’s thicker or thinner that this range can still result in smooth edges, but there may be some sacrifices with overall edge quality.

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