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XR Series CNC Plasma Cutter

XR Series Plasma Cutter

Our XR Series CNC Plasma Cutter is worth really taking a look at.  Its heavy duty fully welded steel construction makes it a no-brainer when you look at other models in the same price range.  If you look at all the big boys that have tables costing in the $60,000 and up range, all of those tables are fully welded steel construction.  You won’t find any bolt together tables, or tables with aluminum extrusion fastened by bolts and connectors.  Our XR series tables feature a fully self cleaning, V-Groove sealed bearing wheel guideway system.  This option offers many years of hassle free maintenance, so you can concentrate on more important matters, like creating award winning designs, and marketing your business.

XR Series CNC Plasma Cutter Options

There are many options available on the XR Series CNC Plasma Cutter tables.  You can add a plate marker, for scribing numbers or adding any other kind of information to your parts.  One thing sheet metal shops love about the plate marker is the ability to add bending lines, direction, and degrees to the part.  This streamlines the process of taking the part to the sheet metal brake and getting your job done.  It is a lot speedier and more accurate than having to mark all your bend lines by hand.  CNC automation can oftentimes free up your shop help to do other tasks, and even allows one operator to do the work of two or three people… and your CNC table doesn’t show up late to work or complain about its paycheck!  This makes the work place a lot more productive and makes going to work fun for those who have a creative side.

Smoke and Dust Control

We offer a few different options on smoke and dust control.  You can go with a bare table and build in your own dust control system yourself at your pace.  Our XR Series CNC Plasma Cutter lends it self for the customer to just cut a few pieces of sheet metal and attach it to the inside of the table to close it all off.  Plumb in a squirrel cage fan and you are off to a good start.  The next step up is to have us build in one of our standard down draft tables, so you can get to work right away.  If you want our premium solution, order a downdraft table insert that is so efficient that you don’t have to block off any of the top of the table to be able to cut even a small left over scrap.  With the premium insert, you don’t have to worry wether or not the downdraft will capture all the smoke and dust.  You can watch a Video Here to see just how efficient our premium downdraft really is.  It will amaze you.

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Water Table

For those that don’t want to worry about fans and duct-work, and would rather have a water table, we can outfit you CNC table with that option as well.  Sometimes the water option is the best choice.  It has the benefits of keeping your parts cool while they are cutting, eliminating a lot of warp and twisting than can happen from the heat of the plasma cutting process.  It is nice to cut a new part and then go over and pick it up and not have to worry about it being hot and burning your hands.  The main thing to know about water tables is that there are safety concerns for those wanting to cut Aluminum or Stainless Steel.  With both of these metals you must drop the water level down about two to three inches below the bottom of the sheet and set up a fan to blow out the hydrogen generated by the cutting process on these two types of metal.  Other than that, a water table for your machine makes good sense and is a lot less expensive than the down draft options, unless you build you own.  Call us for a quote or go online to pick and choose the options you want and get your quote for your new table today.




As for plasma cutters, you have your choice, depending on the thickness of metal you want to cut.  We proudly carry the Victor Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster line of plasma cutters and consumables.